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How Emma Saved $8,000 Dollars in Pet Fees in One Year

Updated on September 6, 2023
Written by ESA Pet Staff

fact checked by Esa Pet Staff

Emma is a proud owner of an emotional support animal (ESA). She strongly believes that her mental and emotional health progress is mainly due to her ESA, which has helped her get through the most challenging times. However, the problem that plagued Emma was the high accommodation and travel costs due to pet fees

Before applying for an ESA letter, Emma wasn’t aware that pet fees don’t apply to emotional support animals. She could spend even $1000 monthly on pet fees, an unfair and unsustainable situation.

Pet Fees Can Range Between $100 to More Than $1K in a Month

Emma could spend between $100 to $1000 in pet fees every month. With a tight budget, she struggled to accommodate her pet and would sometimes consider traveling or moving around without it. Her situation was dire as she had to find a long-term solution to the financial woes resulting from her ESA’s travel and housing needs. 

Emotional Support Animals Can’t Be Charged for Any Pet Fees

Emotional support animals function a lot like pets. The main difference, however, is that a prescription is usually necessary for a dog to be recognized as an emotional support animal. Once you get an ESA letter from a state-licensed mental health professional, you can enjoy some of the unique privileges ESAs and their handlers are eligible for. 

Applying for an ESA letter would have saved Emma thousands of dollars in housing fees. This is because pet fees don’t apply to emotional support animals. However, you can’t enjoy any ESA-related privileges if you can’t provide a letter from a licensed mental health expert. 

Emma Finally Got Her ESA Letter From ESA Pet


Emma could not believe the significant impact an ESA letter would have on her day-to-day expenses. After struggling for years to make ends meet due to the costly pet fees, Emma could afford to move with her ESA anywhere. She no longer had to worry about paying extra for housing or having to pay pet fees to visit public establishments since she got her letter. 

Here’s Emma’s quick review of an ESA letter’s impact on her life. 

“Since being diagnosed with a mental health condition, my pet has played a vital role in helping me cope with the low days. I can’t live without my pet, and having him by my side provides a much-needed sense of security and emotional support. However, pet fees almost made it impossible to move with my ESA, especially since I had no official letter. But since I applied (and got) my ESA letter, life has been easy, especially since I became eligible for specific ESA privileges. I would strongly recommend that anyone looking to move around with their ESA get a letter, as it allows them to focus on their day-to-day activities without worrying about additional costs”. 

Save Money Now With Your Own ESA Letter for Housing & Travel

Getting an ESA letter might sound daunting, mainly if you’ve never applied. But with ESA Pet, you can have your letter within 24 hours of consulting a state-licensed mental health professional


You’ll start by filling out a short (2-minute) online assessment to determine whether or not you qualify for an ESA letter in your preferred state. Once done with the evaluation, ESA Pet will schedule a telehealth appointment with a state-licensed mental health professional. The expert will provide a quick examination to determine whether or not to prescribe an ESA letter. If approved, you’ll have the letter within 24 hours.  

Get your Official ESA Letter Consultation from a licensed therapist.

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