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How To Make My Cat a Service Animal?

So you’re wondering, ‘How to make my cat a service animal.’ You are not alone. Cats are becoming…

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Mini Horse Service Animal: What Can It Do for You?

Mini horse service animals offer a unique alternative for dogs. They can help individuals with disabilities, including mental…

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Types of Service Animals: Which One is Best for You?

Different types of service animal provide people with disabilities companionship and invaluable assistance. These animals are specially trained…

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ESA Hotel Laws: Ensuring Comfort for You and Your ESA

Emotional support letters are essential for anyone who owns an emotional support animal. They legitimize your ESA and…

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Can I Take My Emotional Support Dog Anywhere?

Emotional support animals, particularly dogs, have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to provide comfort…

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Who Can Write an Emotional Support Letter? Discover Now!

An Emotional Support Animal letter (ESA) is a recommendation made by a licensed mental health professional. It states…

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