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Can dogs eat bananas?

It’s no surprise that dogs are considered “man’s best friend”. The truth is, dogs show unwavering companionship, support,…

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Top 11 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. The fiery friendship, the never-ending loyalty, and the unconditional love –…

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What Animals Can Be Emotional Support Animals?

Animals have always provided a great support system for humans. With the many health and mood-boosting benefits of…

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Emotional Support Ferret: Can Ferrets Help With Anxiety?

Although cats and dogs are the most common types of emotional support animals, there are plenty of other…

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Everything You Need To Know About Emotional Support Pets

Pets provide us with immense joy and happiness. They can also be incredibly soothing and therapeutic, especially to…

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Emotional Support Rabbits as Emotional Support Animal

Rabbits are agile and speedy. They have a strong sense of smell which helps them to find food…

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