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Stephane Bandeira

Dog name: Marinete

Meet Stephane, our SEO Manager and Content Writer, who is good with digital stuff and loves pets. She adopted three puppies when the pandemic started, and now they've grown into big, lovable dogs bringing her happiness. Stephane has been with ESA Pet from the beginning, contributing as an SEO expert and a warm and essential part of our team. Her dedication and time spent with the team make her an expert in the topic, ensuring her insights are both knowledgeable and heartfelt.

do you have to pay pet rent for esa

Do You Have to Pay Pet Rent for an ESA?

Do you have to pay pet rent for ESA? This is a common question for those who rely…

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Alaska Airlines Pet Policy: Learn How to Fly With Your Pet

Traveling with your pet can be a wonderful experience. It requires careful planning and understanding of Alaska Airlines…

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Understanding Pet Fees: How to Avoid Additional Housing Charges

Pet fees provide financial security for landlords with pet-friendly policies. The fees usually vary depending on the landlord’s…

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