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Brenda Mejia

Cat name: Milagro

Meet Brenda, our Content Editor and ESA Pet article writer. Over the past decade, Brenda has been immersed in traveling worldwide and lovingly cared for dogs and cats through house sitting and pet sitting. As a vital member of our team, she contributes to ensuring your pet becomes an Emotional Support Animal by delivering informative content that enhances your understanding of the process.

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Southwest Airlines Pet Policy: What You Need to Know

Are you thinking about flying with your pet on Southwest Airlines? Whether a vacation or a necessary trip,…

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Flying with Snub-nosed Dogs | Brachycephalic Breeds Travel Policy

It’s tough traveling with your pets —especially when you want to travel with short snout dogs like French…

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Flying with Dogs: How to Travel With Pets?

Are you thinking about taking your dog on your next flight? Whether on a family vacation or moving…

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Fibromyalgia Service Dog – How It Works and How to Get One

Living with fibromyalgia can mean pain, fatigue, and other challenging symptoms. One unique way to handle these symptoms…

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United Airlines Pet Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Heading off on an adventure with your pet aboard United Airlines? You’ll want to get familiar with the…

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Do Cats Help With Anxiety: Is It True?

Cats have always been a beloved pet to many. Besides being playful and their comforting, purring sound, there…

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